Monday, 9 January 2012

Srotvi Speaks More

"Dipere liked to come up with highly-imaginative scenarios, give us half the details to them, and leave the rest up to us. He wanted to hear our interpretations on things, almost as if he was trying to develop his 'game board world' using us as basis.

"One of Dipere's most memorable lectures consisted of him coming to class with a glass of water. All of our desks had a glass of water at them. When we were all seated, he began:

"I want you to picture our game board universe, with all the Pieces and the Hands. I want you to picture their water. Is it like ours? What if their water wasn't like ours? What if their water was a creature of its own? What if their water was the largest parasite ever imagined? It's hard to picture, isn't it, water being a parasite? We depend on it so much, after all. What if the Pieces didn't?
"Or rather, what if most of the Pieces didn't? We'll say there are some Pieces who took the risk of the water, drank it, and.. then what? Did they die? What if they didn't, what if drinking their water made them depend on it like we do? What would that imply?
"One more train of thought to consider: What if all those who drank the water formed an emotional connection with each other? These Pieces, we shall call them Givers. Just bare with me. The Givers realize the sanctity of their bond, the sanctity of their water, so they produce an alternate source of it without the parasite. This regular-water, they then distribute among the Pieces.
"The Givers are all thinking on the same wavelength, there is no panic or disagreement. The Givers don't necessarily want more Pieces to drink their water. Call them elitist if you will. But what if the water the Givers drank was actually a Hand? Their Piece minds could only comprehend it as some sort of water-type substance, when the truth of the matter is that they were being grabbed by a Hand.
"I want you to write me a thesis, between five-to-eight paragraphs, explaining what all this would imply. Make sure to give me your interpretation on what purpose there could be to the Hand making all these Givers, and what this would look like when transferred back to the Chinese Backgammon metaphor."
 "Dipere concluded by holding his glass of water away from him and spilling its contents onto the floor. And then he silently walked out of the classroom."

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