Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The clarity of it all

Dipere led me between two trees, and we entered a small blue room with a man waiting for us with his back turned.

"Come no further. I am The Camper Who Gave. I will give you knowledge, I will give you suffering. I will give you everything that I never had, and all that I will take from you is the bliss of ignorance."

And then he turned to face me, and I stared into eight eyes with five pupils each. His two mouths spoke from whence his ears once were, and I knew.

Edward, the student from my class in my old life, was a victim of the same Hand as Srotvi. I was to share a Hand with Julian, though whether we would be victims or benefited is up to the speculation of yourself.

What happened next is unclear. I can only recall a sensation similar to falling for an incredibly long amount of time.

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