Monday, 9 January 2012

Chosen Height of a Hand

I spent today thinking about Dipere's Pieces and Hands statements. I often stopped mid-lecture, just thinking about what we would see if we were the Pieces and a Hand took us off of the game board. I'd just stand there, thinking, until a student asked if I was alright and I'd laugh it off and resume my lecture.

I have my theories. If I was a Piece and a Hand switched my place with someone else's, to me it would just look like teleportation. But being taken off the game board would probably.. well. It'd be unlike anything we've ever seen, wouldn't it?

Now, one thing I have wondered is what a Hand would actually look like. I can't help but picture the Everest-sized men mentioned at the start of his lecture. A man who chooses his own height at will? I need to hear more of Dipere's lectures.

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