Saturday, 7 January 2012

Must These Days

City of Paradox isn't quite like The Perfect Paradox before it; while Perfect was more of a scientific essay in book format, City is a lot more like a proper novel. It's about a fictional city where every kind of paradox is the norm: there are identical snowflakes, up and down are identical terms and directions, an unstoppable force and an unmovable object collide frequently, and there's a box containing something called "The Camper Who Gave."

Every chapter begins with Professor Dipere discussing his own studies. So far, it sounds like the public shunned Dipere before he even had a chance to prove his theories. He mentions retreating to "the City" every now and then, which is surely a metaphor. I just need to find someone else who has read this novel to help me decipher Dipere's riddles. In the meantime, I will finish reading this compelling narrative.

Another odd phenomenon to note is that, since having began reading City of Paradox, I haven't felt alone. Whatever bizarre spectres that decided to leave me arbitrarily in the last week seems to have forgiven me.

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