Monday, 16 January 2012

Memories fall

Today was spent chasing our memories. Mine were clear and without dilution, but Dipere had difficulties with the finer points.

I asked Dipere about his teachings, but he doesn't remember them very well. He told me about a creature with no remorse, a creature whose name eludes him. This creature seeks control of the superficial elements like human life, and it is she that drove Srotvi over the sharp edge of the blades of reality.

I asked Dipere about our locale amidst the stars, and he knows roughly as much as I do. He knows this land is called "over there," and it is behind all the doors we fear.

"Fear is an odd thing. We create the feeling, usually with logic behind our imagination. Sometimes our emotions get the better of us and the fear is unnecessary. But sometimes, our fear is created by something external; sometimes we did not create the chemicals running through our head. Sometimes, it's created by a Hand."

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