Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I asked Dipere about the Hands and the Pieces. He said we are the Pieces. Not just him and myself, but the Piece universe is our universe. We are moved in the eternal Chinese Backgammon board, overtaking others and falling victim to some. The school I work in is just a facet of this board, the students in my class are all Pieces moved by different Hands.

Sometimes the game is naturally moved, with Pieces moving by the cause-and-effect algorithm that we call "life." A Piece would ask another Piece for help with homework not because of the Hands moving us, but because another Piece expects the homework from him. The Hands come in when Pieces run into a scenario no escape is possible within. They need a helping Hand to get them out.

Smoke and mirrors, and all Pieces see are the obfuscations that we're allowed to see.

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