Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Deterior Design

A student today asked me where young Edward was. This was a most interesting question, as Mister Johns was absent today (though considering his record, I find it more odd that someone was actually concerned). I honestly didn't know what to tell them, so I simply said "What Mister Johns does in his own time is none of my concern, and I don't see how it's any of yours."

I'm growing less and less pleasant as the days continue. I feel as if my life is draining away faster than it should, and.. I feel as if whatever spectres that have kept me company all my life are beginning to lose interest in me. I'm not sure why they would suddenly choose now, of all times, to decide to wander off into the rest of their daily spectral lives and leave my uninteresting one, but then again, I'm hardly one to understand the spectral, am I? I hardly even understand how to work the Sky Plus.

Isn't the spectral a bit of a paradox of its own? The paranormal is, by definition, something we cannot explain by our 'normal' definitions and universal methods. To attempt to explain it would come across as sounding mentally insane. Insanity, itself, is also rather paradoxical. One cannot convince someone else that he or she is not insane; being insane rather destroys one's own arguments.

..I can't remember how I got on this topic. I'm either tired or maybe I'm developing a benign case of "Mind Down the Rabbit Hole." ..come to think of it, didn't Through the Looking Glass contain more than its fair share of impossible events, as well?

The paradox is all around us, yet when I try to experience one, it's always just out of my grasp.

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