Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Professor Dipere

The same student who asked me of Edward's whereabouts yesterday left a book on his desk today. Now, this happens quite frequently; ordinarily I would have just stored it in my desk until tomorrow. But today, the book cover caught my eye: It was of a two-seated bicycle on a mobius strip. The book, itself, was titled The Perfect Paradox, written by author Julian Dipere.

Dipere is apparently a professor said to be "ahead of his time." I skimmed through some of the pages, and he described his lifelong desire to experience "the perfect paradox." What I had read were a couple of mathematical equations that claimed to make certain paradoxes possible. Naturally, at first they sounded like some amateur mathematician claiming to have spoken to God and trying to prove unformulaic rules. But as I read further, as I pondered on his steps, I realized this man had a patient imagination unrivaled by anyone I had ever heard of. He seemed to have a better grasp on Euclidean space than Euclid, himself.

I took The Perfect Paradox home with me to read. I'll return it to the student tomorrow, of course, but for now I have to find out what Professor Dipere said.

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