Saturday, 31 December 2011

Planned Change

This week, class has been interesting. Class is always interesting to me; numbers keep my mind busy, but this week was particularly interesting. Edward Johns, the student from the "Boxing Day" entry that recited that peculiar tale, has been vacant. That is, he has actually been in class, but he's been doing his work and saying not a word, not even flirting with Cassandra next to him like he often does. If it were just one day, I wouldn't be bothered, but it happened yesterday as well. The tale he gave on Monday was the only thing he'd said all week.

I'm not one to normally get that involved with my students' private lives (I'll go to weddings and funerals and birthday bashes to be polite, but only if invited), but Edward has been remaining at his seat after dismissal for exactly five minutes and eight seconds every day this week, completely silent and vacant, before getting up and walking out of the room without a single word. I plan on, if all fails, at least following him out of the school to see where he goes. I shall do this on Monday.

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